About Us

Muay Thai changes lives. We empower, facilitate, and cultivate positive change. We are your personal trainer, nutritionist, supplement expert, training partner, and support group. Join the Ruthless Team!



A family interest in Muay Thai, along with a few twists of fate, led Chez, Dana and Shane, to taking over an existing gym in Phuket, in early 2015. A rebrand, and relocation was in order, and so in mid 2015, with the help of an amazing group of trainers, and fighters, Ruthless Fight center was born.

Since that time, Ruthless has built a strong fight team and sense of family. We are proud to have fresh and enthusiastic trainers, and strive to offer the most enjoyable training experience possible, while continuing to challenge and push our clients. It is our goal to always offer a clean, safe and welcoming environment, for all to learn, improve and share their love of Muay Thai.

SINCE 2015

Established early 2015, Ruthless Fight Center has already developed a well recognized name for great talent and a motivated team across Thailand.

Our Mission

To promote Thai boxing, health and the wellbeing of the people living in Thailand, Travelling or Holidaying with a safe, clean and friendly environment.


To be welcoming to all ages, abilities and backgrounds, recognizing all ages, abilities and talents, while providing an outlet for the youth of Thailand.

Train with Ruthless!

Large Gym, Great Team

Large training area, boxing ring, free weights, fitness classes, store and more. Friendly, Motivated Team.

Health Benefits

Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning, Core Strength, Stress Relief, Gain Years and enjoy a healthier life.

Discount On Products

Great prices on training gear, clothing and nutritional supplements, Join the team to get great discounts.

Reach Your Goals

Stay Strong, Keep on Target, Persist, Let our friendly and motivated team give you that extra push to cross the line.

our trainers

Our trainers are able to teach you everything you need to know to achieve your goals in fitness, fighting, competing or simply a better life style.

  • Kru Neung

    Contact Ruthless Fight Center for any information on our programs and trainers.

  • Kru Nun

    Contact Ruthless Fight Center for any information on our programs and trainers.

our Principles

Muay Thai requires constant practice. Training in Muay Thai requires application and hard work. In practice, you must push to reach the limit of one’s body. The technical skill is derived through practice. Each training session has to be followed by an appropriate period of rest. The body has to receive healthy food and Nutrition.